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Caring For Her provides individual psychosocial support services for women fighting ovarian cancer and/or their aregivers. Be The Difference Foundation initiated this innovative collaboration in 2020 with Mary Crowley Cancer Research and The Clearity Foundation to provide women with virtual psychosocial support while on clinical trials. The program has been expanded in 2021 to include all women under-going treatment for ovarian and/or their caregivers.

For nearly a decade, Be the Difference Foundation has supported The Clearity Foundation’s mission to improve the survival and quality of life of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In 2018, The Clearity Foundation launched Steps Through OC, an online personalized ovarian cancer support program, for women and their families. Steps Through OC provides individualized professional counseling, patient education, vetted referrals and science-based resources that augment psychosocial services offered by health systems, cancer centers, peer groups and advocacy organizations.

Caring For Her ensures that all women participating in ovarian cancer clinical trials at Mary Crowley Cancer Research, including their caregivers, are introduced and individually referred to Steps Through OC. Once enrolled in Steps Through OC, participants have access to ten sessions of one-on-one professional support over the course of six months. This collaboration provides researchers with the ability to track the program impact on a patient’s ability to stay on clinical trials longer, request fewer dose reductions, or drug vacations.

Program Goals

There are two high-level goals of Caring For Her. The first is to provide ovarian cancer patients with the best possible opportunities for long-term remission and quality of life by providing psychosocial support services while participating in ovarian cancer clinical trials.

Our second goal is to advance innovative treatment options in the pathway from clinical trial status to approval for patient use by the FDA. Since the clinical trial process requires patients to finish their course of treatment, Caring For Her will provide the coping and stress management skills to help women persevere through the challenges of clinical trials.

Caring  For Her

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Participating Organizations

Be The Difference Foundation

Mary Crowley Cancer Research

The Clearity Foundation